We start by identifying each student’s Individual Learning Profile. This profile is then merged with the SPARK Core Competencies and the National Standards Curriculum (NSC) to create our learning methodology for your child.

SPARK Core Competencies

We will engage each student in real-world interdisciplinary case studies, with a focus on learning to address critical problems that impact each aspect of the case, while enhancing core knowledge in Math, English Language, Science and Social Studies.

SPARK LAB is a year long commitment (Sept - June) for  two (2) hours a week with a 15:2 student guide ratio. Each student cohort is categorized by grade level: Group 4/5 & Group 6.


SPARK Curriculum



Guided by the SPARK Core Competences & the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in our curriculum, students will  engage in 2-3 interdisciplinary Case Studies/ Scenarios each semester. Through various teaching and learning methodology, students will practice addressing critical problems that impact each part of that case while enhancing core knowledge in Math, English Language, Science and Civics.


Spark believes in cultivating a deep knowledge and respect for Jamaican history and culture. We believe students need to understand the rich, diverse and dynamic community in which they live and the historical factors that have shaped our country. Students will also learn how they can support and leverage various aspects of Jamaican culture as they develop their own identity.


After the completion of a SPARK LAB term, students will present their findings, suggestions / projects via a mini exhibition. This may also be in the format of a culminating Saturday event with a panel of guest speakers or members of the community. Students will present their findings and suggestions from their projects at this event.