For students entering Grade 7 & 8


Two (2) one-week studio sessions, hosted for incoming seventh and eighth grade students. 

The studios will focus on developing social and emotional competencies within participants, as well as key leadership, organizational, interpersonal and thinking skills that will prepare them to navigate high school, college, careers and life while embedding critical 21st century competencies into their learning experience.

With a focus on content knowledge surrounding global and local awareness, civic, health, business and financial literacy, students will obtain an enhanced ability to:


  • Develop leadership skills that will help them work well in group situations and hone their personal leadership style based on work on an interdisciplinary project.

  • Analyze real world cases and model activities to solve problems and reach targeted individual and team goals

  • Cultivate a stronger understanding of their national identity as Jamaicans and the cultural and historical underpinnings that have caused current societal issues

  • Work as a productive team member in a variety of roles to accomplish shared goals under a mutually agreed upon code of conduct


Activities will focus on developing the following key areas: Communication Skills, Working Collaboratively, Public Speaking, Resolving Conflict, Delegating Effectively, Feedback and Iteration, Inspiring Leadership, Data Analysis and Building an Effective Team Culture

Each week, participants will experience a range of workshops, seminars and labs that will culminate in participants presenting group projects, that highlight all the skills that they learned being applied to addressing current real world problems. Participants will also be paired with mentors to guide them throughout their first or second year of  high school.