SPARK is a Learning Community

a modern twist to the one room schoolhouse.

We work with students of varying ages, learning styles and passions in one room.  Our teachers act more as guides and we place an emphasis on experiential learning that is personalized and globalized.


Creative Leaders. Disruptive Educators



Brittany Singh Signature Session SCO_9462.jpg


Founder & School Guide

Brittany is both an educator and international and global education strategist with a unique combination of expertise in the areas of curriculum development and implementation, professional and leadership development, teacher training and NGO management.  She is passionate about seeing Caribbean children become the future innovators of tomorrow. Brittany currently serves as an Advisor to the Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information and Curator of the Global Shapers Kingston Hub.


Christina Garel

Business Development Consultant

Christina is a person of detail and precision. She has a passion for improving processes and finding a better way of getting things done. She holds a Bachelor of Science (B.S) degree in Psychology from the University of Charleston in Charleston, West Virginia and with that knowledge has been able to impose efficiency through process streamlining with a human touch. She has always been fascinated in knowing what makes things tick and thus has the passion of positively impacting that momentum. She is a returning resident to Jamaica with the mission of making her country a better place starting with Spark Education.